Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is a beautiful, more sustainable option than traditional hardwood materials.

Environmentally friendly, ecologically sustainable. Bamboo is a grass that reaches maturity after three to four years when it is selectively harvested in managed groves in China. Its growth cycle is ongoing & rapid. No trees are felled, no forests are depleted. And the manufacturing process is non-toxic & waste free. 

Bamboo Flooring Features and Benefits

  • Clarks Carpets only uses the highest quality bamboo flooring with absolute precision providing an easy installation with snug joins and no gaps
  • UV cured and pre finished with 7 coats using aluminium oxide providing a perfectly smooth, dust free, sealed floor that is exceptionally tough and durable
  • No sanding, no fumes, no wait
  • Various lengths and widths available
  • Full range of accessories to compliment the finish such as stair nosing and edge mouldings.

Our Suppliers

Bamboo flooring comes comes in several colours.