Residential Carpets

Our residential carpets include a variety of fibres, textures and colours to suit your lifestyle.

Clarks Carpets works in alliance with our clients to form close relationships in order to achieve the ultimate residential carpet flooring, from the classic to the most contemporary home environments. Let us give you the right information and advice to simplify your decision.

Commercial design is constantly changing and evolving offering challenges that need to work in collaboration with your taste, your environment and technology. Commercial carpet is moving along with the times, providing greater options in broadloom and tile options for stunning and practical interiors.

Commercial Carpets

We believe in strong commercial design value, which we can achieve from our extensive portfolio of commercial options. 

Carpet Fibres

We promote natural and man-made fibre carpets in broadloom and modular carpet tiles.

  • Wool – a natural, renewable and sustainable fibre
  • Wool Blends – wool mixed with synthetic fibre
  • Eco + Triexta – a new fibre made with renewable sourced polymer from corn sugar
  • SPF Nylon – a synthetic fibre that helps resist fading and staining
  • Nylon – a synthetic fibre know for resilience, durability and stain resistance
  • Polyester – a less expensive synthetic fibre

Carpet Textures

We sell cut twist, loop and combinations of cut and loop pile carpets to suit your function and design. 

Twist Pile

Twist Pile is still one of today’s most popular constructions, achieving its durability through the type of fibre used, density of tuft and the amount of twist in the yarn.  Highly twisted yarn will hold its shape longer, making it a smart choice for high-traffic areas.

Plush Pile

Plush Pile has a soft texture thats created by twisting fibres then uses heat to straighten the yarn. This style will show foot and vacuum marks. This is a good choice where you want a formal look in a room which has less traffic.

Loop Pile

Loop Pile is identifiable by a continuous uncut surface that resists crushing and matting. This style wears well and is suited for casual rooms with lots of traffic and activity.

Cut and Loop

Cut and Loop carpet combines cut and uncut loops to create a pattern available in solid colours and multi colours. There are infinite numbers of unique geometric and overall patterns from which to choose. This style is suited for both formal and contemporary looks.


Berber is made from bulky yarns giving a natural, hand-crafted appearance that creates a warm, personal atmosphere. The tight loop helps hide footprints and vacuum marks.

Carpet Colours

In general darker colours make a room appear smaller and cosier, whilst lighter shades give the room a larger overall look. Figuratively speaking, colour can also influence the temperature of an environment.

  • Blues, greens and other similar shades will have a cooling effect, whilst reds, yellows and browns can warm up a room.
  • Light coloured carpets will show soil more readily than dark shades
  • Dark colours are prone to showing lint
  • Berbers, patterns and some textured styles are effective in hiding soil, and the right pattern may be the best decision for a room subject to frequent spills

When you shop, its a good idea to bring along samples of furnishings, materials or paint swatches for reference.  If a style in a magazine has caught your eye bring that along as well.

Our Suppliers

We install broadloom and carpet tiles for residential and commercial use.